Normal to More Tuned and Slimmer in Two Weeks

I wanted to have a 2 week sprint to get my body more tuned, basically a more hourglass shape.

Before I started, my weight and body shape were quite normal, and I have been doing exercises regularly (4+ times per week), and eating healthy. But for this two-week sprint, I plan to train myself on a few target areas and further lower body fat.

Here are before and after pictures. I tried to take them in similar ways to compare.

More on the size change (after – before):

Waist: -3 cm
Butt: -2cm
Thighs: -2 cm
Arm: -1 cm
Calf: -1.5 cm
Weight: -3 lb

Overall, I am happy with the progress, my body gets slimmer and firmer, and my waist, thighs, etc. get smaller. I was hoping to get my glutes fuller, which didn’t seem to happen during this time window. Size wise it actually gets a bit smaller, maybe still in the phase of reducing body fat. Not a bad thing, and will give it more time.

I will share my fitness routines and diet in some later post.