Beef steak pot – 牛排锅

My kid’s favorite recently. All in one pot with beef, vegetables and sauce. And they say everything is their favorite🥰

Simple recipe:

  • 🥩 pat dry, add salt on both sides. Leave it there for half an hour.
  • 🥗prepare the vegetables: flexible with what you have. I used onions, mushrooms, peppers, potatos, carrots, tomatoes. Cut to big chunks.
  • 🍳pan-fry: I prefer to use a cast iron pot as you need high temperature to pan fry the steak. Add a little bit oil, keep temperature high, fry the steak (4 sides) to light brown.
  • ⌛take out, let it cool down for a few minutes.
  • 🍳pan-fry again: adjust time based on how you like it to be cooked.
  • ⌛take out, let it cool down.
  • 🥘meanwhile, fry the vegetables. Take 1/3 out to blender, add cream,water, and blend well. Put the sauce back, let it boil and season with salt and a bit sugar.
  • 🥓cut the steak to slices and add them on top of the vegetables.
  • 🥂 enjoy!


娃最近评选出来的最爱– 牛排锅。说牛排,蔬菜,sauce都是他们的最爱🥰


  • 牛排室温,擦干,撒盐 (也可以加胡椒,我一般不加,容易糊),大概腌半小时。
  • 准备蔬菜:选自己喜欢的冰箱里正好有的几样蔬菜,比如洋葱,蘑菇,土豆,青椒,红椒,胡萝卜,西红柿等。
  • 煎牛排:锅很重要,找一口铸铁锅或者厚底的不锈钢锅。少量油烧热,保持高温,四面煎至微微焦黄。乘出来静置几分钟。然后再煎一次,这里可以根据自己对生熟的喜好,调整煎的时间。
  • 做蔬菜锅底:蔬菜炒熟,分出1/3左右,加cream和水打个汁,再倒回来,煮开,调味。
  • 第二次煎过的牛排静置5分钟左右,切小块,然后摆在蔬菜浓汤上就好了。

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