Taiwanese Fried Chicken (盐酥鸡)- low fat recipe

Taiwanese Fried Chicken(盐酥鸡)

OMG, can I eat this when I am working out working off 😲? Try out this recipe with air fryer, low carb, only 1tsb of oil.

Here we go:

  • one package of chicken wings, add the following seasonings and mix well: 0.5 tsb salt, 3tsp soy sauce, 3tsb sake or cooking wine, 1 pinch of white pepper, 1 pinch of sichuan pepper powder (o), 1 pinch of chinese five spices (o), 1 pinch of chilli powder (o).
  • marinate 1+ hours
  • crispy batter powder: 5 tsb potato starch + 1 tsb corn starch, 1 pinch salt, 1 pinch pepper, 1 pinch seasoned salt (o), mix well.
  • lightly bread the seasoned chicken wings: try to drain the wings to dry, i.e. with less sauce, before roll it in the batter powder.
  • brush with a little bit of oil, air fryer 390f, 6 mins; flip, brush with a little bit of oil, 6 minutes again.
  • check for readiness, if needed, try add 2 minutes each time till ready.
  • enjoy 🥂

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